Using your stove

Our stoves and boilers are designed for every day use to heat your home. Packed with features to make our stoves simple and easy to use is just why our customers say the ever present flames are integral part of everyday home life. Below is a description of what is needed day to day and also what you will need to do on a less regular interval (weekly or monthly and quarterly).

Day to day operation:

Filling your stove with pellets

  • Open the lid and pour in a full bag of pellets (or use smaller scoop if a bag is too heavy)
  • A 10kg bag of pellets will typically last between 1 and 3 days depending on whether your stove is running all day or just for few hours per evening

Lighting your stove

  • Press the start button on the remote control or touch screen
  • NO matches, NO scrunching up newspaper and NO bending on hands and knees

Adjusting your stove

  • Either manually press + or – on remote or set a room temperature and let the stove adjust up and down to meet the conditions
  • You can enjoy a whole evening in front of the fire without getting up to fill your stove with more fuel

Clearing the Ash

  • Open door when stove is cool
  • Slide the grate lever ‘in and out’ to drop ash into the ash tray
  • Close the door and its done

* typical 10kG bag of pellets

Weekly cleaning:

Emptying the ash (recomended every 10 bags)

  • When cool – open the front door
  • Simply vacuum the ash tray and around the hearth and window ledge

Clean the glass

  • Our stove has self cleaning glass but like any real wood stove there can be slight soot build up over longer periods of time – the soot is light and easily wiped away to reveal clear glass with just tissue


Quarterly cleaning:

Brush the heat exchanger tubes

  • To maximise the efficiency of the stove the tubes need to be cleaned a few times a year. Open the door / remove the flame baffle and push the tube brush ‘in and out’ of the tubes
  • A quick hoover up inside the hearth will be all that’s needed to complete your quarterly stove service
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View our Pellet Stove Products

Our pellet stove model is the Lundy 5 which is a space heating only stove and our Lundy 8 is a boiler model which is a stove with a boiler to heat hot water and radiators. We offer options such as novel balanced flue and some ancillary products.

Lundy 5

Lundy 5

Lundy 8

Lundy 8