Lundy 8

The Lundy 8 is the shortest pellet boiler-stove on the market and was specifically designed to fit into traditional recessed British fireplaces and Inglenooks. It is a stove with a novel compact on-board high efficiency boiler design that provides room heating through its large glass flame window and also has connections to a hot water circuit. Ask us anything!

Its innovative boiler design allow high efficiency with 4.2kW to the room and 3.8 kW to the hot water circuit. Thermostatic control is achieved by use of on-board room sensor and water sensor which allows the stove to control both the hot water and the local room temperatures. View our boilers and stoves in clients homes with these videos.

Supplied with a balanced flue adapter for connection to a concentric (balanced) flue system that allows the stove to be fully sealed such that all air is drawn in from the flue terminal. This balanced flue adapter allows a concentric flue system to be installed leading to increased efficiency and allows flue termination heights much lower than conventional flue systems. By drawing air from the flue terminal, the air is heated as it is drawn all the way into the stove. The balanced flue is ideal for single storey extensions and low energy/airtight buildings as there is no need for a vent to provide the combustion air supply. See our stoves and boilers innovative features.

  • Quiet operation novel boiler design with hot air convection to the room without using a noisy blower fan.
  • Real Wood Flame Pattern – patented hearth design makes the burning pellets a wood flame
  • High Efficiency – rated at 93% independently tested
  • Comes with remote control and digital display panel on the side of the stove
  • 10mm thick solid steel top plate
  • 5 Year Warranty on the steel body
  • CE Marked – Tested & Approved to EN 14785:2006
  • DEFRA Approval – tested & passed for use in Smoke Controlled Areas
  • ECODESIGN compliant
  • Cleaning System – lever operated grate cleaning
  • Approved to draw air from room without local vent
  • 15kg pellet hopper capacity (accepts full bag of pellets through top hopper lid)
  • Distances to combustible materials – 100 mm
  • Minimum hearth thickness – 12 mm

WINNER – Hearth & Home Pellet or Wood Chip (Boiler) Appliance Of The Year 2015