Lundy 5 – supply & install with balanced flue

HETAS Approved Wood Pellet Stoves   

The price shown is for indicative purposes only for an installation at a mainland postcode in England or Wales , and is based on supply, delivery and installation with balanced flue up to a height of 10m above ground level, including stainless steel liner and concentric flue system, balanced flue terminal and labour. Also includes HETAS registration and training (by video/phone).

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Please note: Due to unprecedented demand, our leadtimes are currently around 6 weeks.

£5,950.00 inc. VAT

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Elevate Your Home Heating Experience with the Lundy 5 Stove: Supply & Install Featuring Highly Efficient Balanced Flue Technology

Highly Efficient Heating Performance:

  • The Lundy 5 stove is renowned for its highly efficient heating performance, ensuring that you experience optimal warmth in your home. This advanced heating solution maximises energy efficiency, providing effective and economical heat.

Balanced Flue Technology for Safety and Comfort:

  • Our supply and installation service includes incorporating balanced flue technology with the Lundy 5 stove. This ensures a safe and efficient heating process by drawing in fresh air from outside while expelling combustion gases through a sealed flue. Enjoy superior indoor air quality and safety.

Versatile Installation Options:

  • The Lundy 5 stove is designed for flexibility in installation, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to various spaces within your home. Our supply and installation services ensure a tailored fit, providing you with the freedom to position your stove in the most convenient and aesthetically pleasing location.

Whisper-Quiet Operation:

  • Experience tranquillity in your home with the Lundy 5’s whisper-quiet operation. Enjoy the benefits of a peaceful ambiance without any disruptive noise, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and areas where quiet operation is essential.

Environmentally Friendly Efficiency:

  • The Lundy 5 stove is not only highly efficient in heating your home but is also environmentally friendly. With reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, this stove contributes to a greener and more sustainable heating solution.

Balanced Flue System Enhances Safety:

  • The inclusion of a balanced flue system ensures that the combustion process is sealed, preventing the release of harmful emissions into your living space. This added safety feature enhances the overall performance and reliability of the Lundy 5 stove.

Transform your home heating with the Lundy 5 stove, expertly supplied and installed with balanced flue technology for optimal efficiency and safety. Contact us today to enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and environmental responsibility with Island Pellet Stoves.

Order Process

Once your order is placed, we'll call you to finalise details and run through the design, delivery and commissioning process. Once you are happy, we will take a deposit
We will arrange delivery at a time to suit you or your installer. We can deliver on tail lift lorry to UK addresses. Final payment will be due at this stage
Once the stove is installed we arrange a date for your training session and then leave you to enjoy your new stove

Technical information


82% (net)

Flue Outlet

Suits 5” single/twin wall or 4” concentric twin wall flue

Rated Output




Distance to Combustibles

Rear – 100mm / Side – 100mm