Our stoves and boilers are packed with innovative features to produce a real wood fire with the convenience and benefits of automation by using wood pellets instead of logs.

Our stoves have been designed specifically for the UK market with standard concentric balanced top exit flue connection (or 5″ inch) and sized to fit inside a fireplace.

We spent years developing the technology inside our stoves to achieve a silent running highly robust mechanical design with low emissions and high efficiency so you can just sit back and enjoy the results.

Our stoves are innovative and incorporate many unique features including:

  • Easy and convenient to use with no mess
  • Quiet – no convection fans and designed for quiet operation
  • Real Wood Flame – the pellets burn with flames like solid logs
  • High Efficiency – independently tested – up to 93% efficient*
  • Low Emissions – achieves far lower emissions than the ECODESIGN requirements
  • Automatic – to start using the remote control or digital display panel on the side of the stove
  • Robust construction – steel construction with 10mm solid steel top
  • Compact Size – fits into a standard fireplace opening or can be free standing in a room

* Lundy8 Model Rating

  • 5 Year Warranty on the steel body
  • Quality Components – motors and ignitor designed for long-life
  • Natural Convection Design – heat convects to room without fans
  • Top flue connection – with standard concentric balanced flue spigot or 5″ inch option
  • Cleaning System – simple lever removes ash from grate for day to day use without needing to get hands dirty
  • Easy to fill with pellets – on board pellet hopper can be filled from the top and accept a full bag of pellets
  • Fully sealed design – no smoke to room
  • CE Marked – Tested & Approved to EN 14785:2006
  • DEFRA Approved – tested & passed for use in Smoke Controlled Areas
  • ECODESIGN Compliant
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Digital Display Control

Digital Display Control

Remote control

Remote Controlled

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We have a convection room heat-only pellet stove which provides its heat output to the space in which it is installed and we have a boiler version of the pellet stove which can connect to a hot water tank, radiators in other rooms or even a buffer vessel. We have some real novel options such as what we call a ‘balanced flue’ which means the air supply is drawn from the top of the chimney and this means a lower height flue can be used. All of our stoves are highly efficient and more environmentally friendly than traditional wood stoves.

Lundy 5

Lundy 5 front

Lundy 8

Lundy 8 front


Ramsey 4 front


SKYE stove

The steel body and the associated steel components are covered by our 5 year guarantee. All electrical components are high quality items which have proven many years of reliable function and are covered by manufacturers 12 months parts only warranty. Consumable parts such as the vermiculite board, rope seals and glass are excluded but in normal operation these are not expected to need changing for many years of use.