The SKYE is the definitive small wood burning stove fuelled with wood pellets – there is no other pellet stove that comes anywhere close to it in terms of its small dimensions and small output.

At 58 cm High, 58 cm Wide and only 40 cm Deep the SKYE can pretty much fit anywhere, especially taking into account that its “clearance to combustible surfaces” requirement is only 10 cm.

It can produce a maximum output of 3 kW and is fully modulating with automatic control down to a minimum output of 1 kW

The SKYE is a small wood burning stove that runs on pellets and which is designed to fit into small fireplaces and for applications where the heat load is less than average, such as in small rooms or in extremely well insulated spaces.

Typical applications include passive houses, terraced housing, cottages, mews houses,  garden offices, glamping pods and boats.

It may, however, also be used in freestanding applications either with or without being mounted on its bench which is available as an option, so it does not have to be installed in a fireplace.

See videos & photos of our pellet stoves in clients’ homes.

FEATURES specific to the SKYE small wood burning stove

SKYE front
SKYE stove - angle 1
SKYE stove - angle 2

The SKYE is a small wood burning stove (sometimes described as a warm air boiler or room heater) that generates convective heat to provide space heating without using a noisy blower fan. Innovative finned tube heat exchangers allow high efficiency with maximum 3 kW output despite its small size. Thermostatic control is achieved by use of an on-board room sensor which allows the stove to modulate down to 1 kW to control the room temperature very precisely.

Supplied with a balanced flue adapter for connection to a concentric (balanced) flue system that allows the SKYE to be fully sealed such that all air is drawn in from the flue terminal. This balanced flue adapter allows a concentric flue system to be installed leading to increased efficiency and allows flue termination heights much lower than conventional flues used with log fire. By drawing air from the flue terminal, the air is heated as it is drawn all the way into the stove. The balanced flue is ideal for single storey extensions and low energy/air tight buildings as there is no need for a vent to provide the combustion air supply. Using your stove.

  • At 58 cm High, 58 cm Wide and only 40 cm Deep the SKYE is small enough to fit pretty much anywhere, especially taking into account that its “clearance to combustible surfaces” requirement is only 10 cm.
  • Quiet operation with novel finned tube design delivers hot air by convection without using a noisy blower fan.
  • Real Wood Flame Pattern – patented hearth design gives the burning pellets the same looking flame as traditional stoves.
  • High Efficiency – rated at 82% independently tested.
  • Comes with remote control and digital display panel on the side of the stove
  • 8 mm thick solid steel top plate
  • 5 Year Warranty on the steel body. Ask us anything!
  • CE Marked – Tested & Approved to EN 14785:2006
  • DEFRA Approval – tested & passed for use in Smoke Controlled Areas
  • ECODESIGN compliant
  • Cleaning System – lever operated grate cleaning
  • Approved to draw air from room without a local vent
  • 10kg pellet hopper capacity, enough for at least 12 hours operation

CORE FEATURES of the SKYE small wood burning pellet stove

Our stoves and boilers are packed with innovative features to produce a real wood burning fire with the convenience and benefits of automation by using wood pellets instead of logs.

Our stoves have been designed specifically for the UK market with standard concentric balanced top exit flue connection and sized to be small enough to fit inside a traditional fireplace.

We spent years developing the technology inside our stoves to achieve a silent running, highly robust mechanical design with low emissions and high efficiency so you can just sit back and enjoy the results.

Like all the other pellet stoves and boiler stoves in our range, the SKYE offers the following core features as standard;

  • Automatic and fast Ignition – There is no need for kindling and matches so it is much more convenient to startup compared with other burners. Our ceramic igniter will create a real wood burning flame in around 4 minutes.
  • Timer Control – Our pellet stoves will start themselves automatically at the time you set, so much more convenient to operate compared with a log burner.
  • Modulating Control – our pellet stoves automatically control the amount of fuel which is fed into the fire so they control the room temperature much more accurately compared with other burners.
  • Room Sealed – supplied as standard, no need for an air-vent.
  • Balanced Flue technology supplied as standard so around 10% extra efficiency and much lower chimney terminal heights.
  • 5 Year Warranty on the steel body
  • Touchscreen user interface – with an intuitive menu structure and timer and temperature controls as standard .
  • Remote Controlled – supplied as standard
  • Quality Components – motors and ceramic igniter designed for long-life
  • Quiet Running – we use brushless DC (BLDC) motor technology for controlling the speed of the auger which helps to make it quiet and efficient.
  • Ceramic ignition element – for long life and quick startup.
  • Double-glazed ceramic glass – for high efficiency and super clean air wash.
  • Natural Convection Design – heat convects to the room without fans.
  • Top flue connection – with a concentric balanced flue spigot as standard, fits easily into an existing fireplace recess.
  • Cleaning System – simple lever removes ash from grate for day to day use without needing to get hands dirty
  • Generous ash pan – typically needs to be emptied once a week
  • Easy to fill with pellets – on board pellet hopper can be filled from the top and accepts a full bag of pellets
  • Fully sealed design – no smoke to room
  • CE Marked – Tested & Approved to EN 14785:2006
  • DEFRA Approved – tested & passed for use in Smoke Controlled Areas
  • ECODESIGN Compliant

Our stoves are innovative and incorporate many unique features including:

  • Easy and convenient to use with no mess
  • Quiet – no convection fans and designed for quiet operation
  • Real Wood Flame – the pellets burn with flames like solid logs
  • High Efficiency – independently tested – up to 93% efficiency.
  • Low Emissions – achieves far lower emissions than the ECODESIGN requirements
  • Automatic – to start using the remote control or timer
  • Robust construction – fully welded steel construction with 8 mm solid steel top
  • Compact Size – small enough to fit into a standard fireplace opening or can be free-standing in a room

Technical Specification

SKYE- front with dimensions
SKYE - side with dimensions
SKYE - top with dimensions
Fuel Wood Pellet
Efficiency 82% (net)
Flue Outlet Suits 100/150 mm concentric balanced flue
Rated Output 3.0kW
Weight 85kg
Distance to Combustibles Rear – 100mm / Side – 100mm
British made