Our story

We love heating our homes with wood – the focal point of the heat, the flickering of the light and the knowledge that trees keep growing to produce more fuel.

The founders of Island Pellet Stoves had both worked in different areas of sustainability and the wood energy market since the mid 90’s; but having owned log stoves and wood pellet boilers and being dedicated advocates of wood heating there was just something missing….

There was not a pellet stove on the market that could replace the roaring log stove that sat in our living rooms. The reasons were that the pellet stoves on the market were too noisy, too big to fit in the fire place and had a flame that was more like an industrial burner than the flickering light and atmosphere of the flames of a log stove.

The adventure began over a Christmas drink by a ‘wood fire’ …. and 7 years later we are in production. We didn’t only meet our brief but completely exceeded it with high efficiency, low emissions, robustness …. and an award.

Our experience:

Our founding inventors have a combined experience of over 40 years of product design, biomass combustion research and development and engineering for low carbon buildings. We spent several years in the technical development stages and ran up over 10,000 hours of use before launching our product.

Our principles:

We sell direct and install anywhere in England or Wales and individually oversee the design, specification and commissioning of every stove. Although this process takes more time and effort – our belief is that this is the best way to ensure every product will be correctly set up and handed over to each customer. It’s our commitment to make sure you will love your stove as much as we do.

Quality manufacturing:

Our product didn’t end up as a thin metal mass produced unit manufactured in a far-flung factory – instead it is manufactured in the heart of Industrial South Wales using thick sheets of UK steel, hand built to last, welded, fabricated and assembled by skilled fabricators.

Advanced technology:

While the design and factory processes selected are so robust we can give a 5 year warranty on our metal components; inside our stoves are advanced engineering heat exchangers, computer machined augers and highest quality components and advanced controls. We like to say our Lundy has brawn and brains!

Island Pellet Stoves

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