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Do you need a tall chimney for a wood pellet stove?

One of the first questions that our customers ask is whether they need a tall chimney for a wood pellet stove?

The short answer is ‘no’.  Here’s the context.

Traditional wood log stoves and burners are positioned inside a fireplace with chimney or against an outside wall of the room with a direct route for a flue to reach the top of the property. The flue is a single wall or insulated flue that rises up fixed to the outside of the building or up through the chimney so that smoke can escape.  For the homeowner, this can be quite limiting or in many cases expensive. Over time, fashions and lifestyles have changed and the way in which we move about our homes is different and it is common that we would like a stove in a single story extension or a position where there is no typical route for the flue.

This is a key reason why many of our customers have come to us. They seek the traditional look, beautiful orange flame and excellent heating properties of a wood-burning stove or boiler – but so many circumstances mean that with a traditional stove is not practical or cost effective to install the flue.

Thanks to our balanced flue we are able to install our wood pellet stove almost anywhere you’d like within your home.  Because of its design which is similar to that of a the flue on a gas combi-boiler, the flue does not have to be long or vertical to exit your property. It can exit your property on a low roof or horizontally through an external wall.

The benefits of a balanced flue

There are many other benefits of a balanced flue from improved efficiency, lower emissions and being able to keep high air tightness – but the advantage of the simple fact that more often than not the flue for our stoves is shorter and simpler and therefore is easier to install and a lower cost solution.

This means that your wood pellet stove can be installed to suit you, and your lifestyle. Regardless of whether there is an existing chimney, it is entirely possible to install a Lundy wood pellet stove into any property. We’ve examples in London flats, house boats, glass extensions, listed properties, passive houses and a host of situations where a standard log boiler was just not possible.

We provide all design and flue calculations to certify our flue solutions to comply with building regulation standards.

For more details about our Wood Pellet Stoves and installation, please email info@islandpelletstoves.co.uk or call 0330 111 4747. We’d be delighted to tell you more!