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Which? Stove User Survey

Consumer researcher Which? recently carried out a survey on 1,500 stove owners to find out how much people know about vital stove safety information.

One section of the survey concentrated on the stove purchasing process and highlighted how little information people received at the point of purchase. A spokesman for Which? said:

‘’Interestingly, our research also found that people who bought from a big-name retailer were less likely to have been given information than those who went directly to the brand or an independent store, installer or chimney sweep.

The findings also found that consumers admitted to some’ wrongdoings’ when it came to using their stoves.  14% of stove owners ‘slumber’ their stove- this is to set their stove to burn at a low output. Almost a quarter of stove owners also admitted that they don’t know which fuel is best for minimising pollution. And furthermore, a third of stove owners had no knowledge or had not been informed which fuel was best to use and which to avoid – leaving them open to using the most polluting fuels.

Earlier this year, the government published the Clean Air Strategy which included measures to ban the sale of the most polluting fuels available on the market and ensure only the cleanest burning wood stoves are sold.

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It’s worth remembering that our Lundy 5 and Lundy 8 wood pellet stoves are also less harmful to the environment and comply with the Clean Air Strategy. Our stoves do produce flue emissions, but these are on a much-reduced scale compared with a traditional log stove. Our stoves are also CE marked, tested and approved to EN 14785:2006 and are also DEFRA approved, tested and passed, which means that our stoves are available for use in smoke-controlled areas.

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