Filling Lundy with wood pellets

Wood pellets – is the UK self-sufficient ?

There is a great choice of wood pellets available on the UK market to choose from, but as with everything, it’s important to get the right quality fuel for your Lundy pellet stove or boiler.

When searching for wood pellets, you may have come across imported wood pellets but you might be surprised to know there are many manufacturers also making pellets here in the UK, but which should you choose?

Here’s our verdict.

Poor quality pellets are usually very dusty after the journey to you on our bumpy roads and this can result in an intermittent flame pattern, feeding problems and higher levels of ash, resulting in more cleaning on your behalf!

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better!

But when it comes to British-made pellets, most if not all UK manufacturers produce wood pellets made from sustainably-sourced UK woodlands, this means the harvested trees are replanted using sustainable forestry management practices. Pellets made in the UK are also processed and packaged here – so you know exactly where they came from!

Back in 2011, the European-wide pellet standard ENplus was introduced. 

The ENplus certification symbolises high-quality pellets and the entire process is audited throughout the entire supply chain including production, storage, bagging and transport all the way to the end consumer. There are many UK manufacturers and distributors with an ENplus® grade, click here for a list.

Of course, there is also another issue to consider. Imported wood pellets have travelled much further in order to get to your wood pellet stove or boiler.  For  those of us that prefer a wood pellet stove for its environmental benefits, the use of pellets made in the UK, with a smaller carbon footprint, will be preferable.

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