Technical area

Our aim is to supply our innovative stoves with the technical support required to assist in the design, specification and installation stages. For this purpose we have developed a number of technical guides for installers and users to download. Please take a look and if you or your other suppliers (builders, electricians, plumbers or flue installers) require any further information we are only to happy to assist on specific projects

Balanced Flues

ToolsOur stove has been designed to connect to a standard 5″ single wall flue and a 4″ balanced twin wall flue which draws air from the top of the chimney to supply the stove. Download to find out more.

Passive House Design Considerations

Shield Designing a Passive House with a wood or pellet stove needs a solution that provides full air tightness, no thermal bridging through flue, no leak of emissions to room, fully controllable,     high ‘eco design’ efficiency and ideally automatic so it can be controlled on temperature and time.

Boiler Plumbing Schematics

ToolsOur Lundy 8 boiler stove can be fitted to heat a hot water cylinder and radiators. We have developed schematics for the design of the plumbing and electrical connections required to integrate out stove with your heating system.

User Manual

Vacuum cleanerHere you can find the user manual for the Lundy 5 Stove. This provides information on how to operate and maintain your stove.