Heating Water from a Wood Burning Stove with a Back Boiler

Wood pellet burning stove

Wood burning stoves are a popular way to keep a living space warm and comfortable during the colder months. However, although the primary function of these stoves has traditionally been room heating, this is no longer the case. Modern technological advancements have turned wood burning stoves into efficient central heating systems, heating both the air in your living space as well as water for sinks, baths and showers. 

The Lundy 8 stove features an integrated, high-efficiency boiler and is ideal for homeowners wanting to upgrade their current heating system. This type of wood burner with a water heater opens up new opportunities for heating and hot water supply. Below we have explored this innovative boiler design in more detail. 

A Versatile Approach to Heating

Wood burning stoves are typically considered air-heating devices, designed to keep the room where they’re installed warm when the temperature starts to drop outside. However, when connected to a hot water circuit, a pellet stove can do so much more. A compact on-board boiler enables the stove to heat hot water, in addition to providing warmth to the main living space. 

The Lundy 8 stove can be connected to a hot water tank as well as radiators throughout your home, so it’s a comprehensive heating solution. This makes it a sought-after option for homeowners looking for versatile heating and hot water systems.

Heat-Only vs Boiler Versions

At Island Pellet Stoves, we offer both conventional pellet stoves, like the Lundy 5, and stoves with back boilers, like the Lundy 8. The heat-only version of our stoves focuses on heating the room through its large glass flame window, whereas the boiler version comes with the added advantage of connecting to a hot water circuit. This gives you the freedom to choose the type of heating solution that best meets your specific needs.

A wood burner with a back boiler is an efficient alternative to traditional central heating systems. By connecting your pellet stove to radiators in your bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a hot water tank or even an underfloor heating system, you can benefit from an all-in-one solution to your heating and hot water needs. The Lundy 8 stove extends the heat beyond its point of installation and is becoming popular as the primary central heating system for modern homes. 

Heating and Hot Water Systems for Modern Homes

Choosing a pellet stove that connects to a hot water circuit offers several compelling benefits in addition to the aesthetic charm of a flickering flame;

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits is the energy efficiency you gain by updating your central heating system. Instead of having outdated, separate systems to heat your home and water, you can upgrade to a more efficient solution with impressive heat output. This can help reduce your overall energy consumption and potentially lower your utility bills.

Cost Savings

The dual functionality of a wood burning stove with a back boiler may lead to cost savings over time. Rather than investing in an independent water heating system, your stove will be multi-purpose. Not to mention, wood pellets are often less expensive compared to other fuel types, offering more savings in the long run.

Space-Saving Design

In homes where space is at a premium, the Lundy 8’s compact design makes it even more desirable. It’s the shortest pellet boiler stove on the market and can neatly be installed into a traditional recessed fireplace or inglenook, so it won’t take up valuable space in your home.

Whole House Heating

With the ability to connect to radiators in different rooms, this type of stove can keep your whole house warm. This is particularly beneficial during the autumn and winter months, and you can ensure that every room is comfortable no matter the weather. 


Wood pellets are made from renewable resources and are considered a cleaner, greener fuel option. When you use a pellet stove for both air and water heating, you’re choosing an eco-friendly option that helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Simplified Maintenance

Having a single system that serves dual purposes simplifies the maintenance process as you only have to service one stove. To maximise the efficiency of your wood burning stove, comprehensive cleaning is required a few times a year and it’s easy to keep it looking its best. 

Installing a Wood Burner With Back Boiler

Inset wood pellet stoves designed for UK homes - pellet fed wood purning stoves to replace your traditional stove
The best inset wood pellet stoves designed for UK homes – pellet fed wood burning stoves to replace your traditional stove

With a high-efficiency boiler, the Lundy 8 stove offers an unparalleled heating solution. Its innovative design makes it a highly versatile and practical choice for modern homes. Whether you’re looking to simply warm your living space or provide hot water to multiple areas, this wood burning stove with a back boiler offers an efficient answer to your requirements. 

If you’re interested in installing a wood burner that is also a water heater, don’t hesitate to contact us at Island Pellet Stoves today. Our stoves are simple and easy to use, yet our advanced engineering makes them stand out from the crowd. We work throughout England and Wales, and we individually oversee the design and installation of every stove. 

To speak to a member of our team about the Lundy 8 design in more detail, you can call us directly on 0330 111 4747 and we will be happy to help.