Practicalities of wood pellets

The Practicalities of Wood Pellets

Here at Island Pellet Stoves, we’ve built our stoves with the environment in mind, that’s why we only allow the best wood fuel to be used in them – wood pellets.

Let’s take a look at the practicalities of wood pellets:

Pellets are Renewable

Wood pellets are a biomass product made of wood residues which can be found all around the world. As long as there are plants on the planet, wood pellets will be available as a renewable energy source.

Pellets are Carbon neutral

Wood pellets are a sustainable fuel source, this is due to the trees absorbing CO2 as they grow, the wood from the tree is then turned into pellets which releases an equal amount of CO2 when burnt. The tree is then replanted and the cycle continues making wood pellets a sustainable carbon neutral fuel.

Pellets produce more Heat

Because wood pellets are typically made from residues and are dried and heavily compressed, this reduces their moisture content. This dry fuel creates more heat, causing the pellets to burn hotter and cleaner than their firewood predecessors.

Pellets are Safe and Easy To Handle.

Wood pellets come in bags which are easy to store in the house. You won’t be left with cuts and splinters after handling wood pellets!

Pellets also create considerably less ash than firewood, meaning the stoves are easier to clean and do not generate any creosote and so reduce the risk of chimney fires !

Pellet are 100% natural

Wood pellets are a renewable fuel made from timber residues. There are no binders, chemicals or dangerous additives included that could cause harm to you or the environment.  Always look to buy pellets that are made to the ENplus standard which is the European standard for high quality wood pellet fuel.

Pellets are Convenient

Because wood pellets are regular in diameter and length they can be moved quietly and efficiently with an Archimedes screw which provides an automatic way to feed the wood pellets into the combustion chamber. This, together with the dryness of the wood pellets, makes it possible to ignite the fuel automatically and reliably with hot air.


  • no more matches
  • no more scrunching up newspaper
  • no more bending on hands and knees to light your wood stove.

And after it has lit itself automatically, you can come down to a warm house in the morning or enjoy a whole evening in front of the fire without getting up to fill your stove with more fuel, and knowing that your stove is burning exactly the right amount of fuel to keep your house at the temperature you want.

Which is why we say our Lundy range of wood pellet stoves provide

“A real wood stove experience with the convenience of wood pellets.”

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of wood pellets, please get in touch with Island Pellet Stoves today. We’d be happy to answer any queries you may have. Call us on 0330 111 4747 or email us at