Island Pellet Stoves - Benefits

Reasons to choose our Wood Pellet Stoves

If you enjoy the experience of a real wood burning stove but would prefer something that is less laborious, then our Lundy range of Wood Pellet Stoves may be the perfect solution for you! We’ve compiled a list of our top reasons why you should choose our Wood Pellet Stove.


Our Wood Pellet Stoves light themselves and feed themselves with fuel. Our stoves have a touch-screen controller and remote control which is easy to use and allows you to control the room temperature and even set timers so that your fire is alight when you come downstairs in the morning.  

Lower chimney heights are possible with our Balanced Flue solution

With our Balanced Flue option, the chimney height can be much lower than would be required with a conventional log burning stove. In the right circumstances, we can even fit with a horizontal flue termination just like a “combi” gas boiler.


Wood pellets are a renewable fuel made from timber residues. Clean combustion presents low emissions and being CO2 neutral means they are an environmentally friendly method of heating your home.


Wood pellet stoves are well known for their ease of use and also for their cleanliness when in every day use.

Refilling your stove is easy, just pour out of a 10kg bag into the integral hopper and that will be enough to run for up to 10 hours.

Pellet Stoves produce very little ash as they are made from wood whose bark has already been removed. Therefore, you need to remove the ash much less frequently than with a traditional wood burning or coal stove.

Our Wood Pellet Stoves are designed with cleanliness in mind. With a pull of a lever, ash is removed from the grate – there’s no need to get your hands dirty!


A key advantage of our Wood Pellet Stoves is the low emissions they produce and the high efficiency combustion of a dry wood fuel, in fact, you won’t see any smoke coming from your stove when it is in operation.

Our Lundy 5 stove and Lundy 8 boiler-stove are packed with innovative features that transform the laborious experience of using a conventional wood log stove. You no longer need to be down on your hands and knees to start the fire every morning, you no longer need to scrabble around for kindling and newspapers and you no longer need to be checking your stove and loading logs onto it every hour or so. If you are thinking about installing a stove – why not consider a user-friendly and clean burning Wood Pellet Stove? Call us on 0330 111 4747 or email us at