Passive House Pellet Stove

A house built to low energy and airtightness standards such as a Passive House requires a stove that is:

  • Fully controllable – both the Lundy 5 and 8 pellet stoves will modulate down from 100% to 20% of its rated output and enter ‘eco’ mode when the house is up to temperature. Overheating as experienced with log stoves is avoided.
  • The Lundy does not need the door to be opened to refuel. The fuel is added to a hopper which is separated from the combustion chamber. a hopper will last 10hours and full output or 3 to 4 days for a passive house.
  • All our stoves are fully air sealed, this is full twin door seal with no other . Fitted with the balanced flue – there is no open path to room and there will be no impact on air tightness tests, there will be no emissions to the room. On top of that the concentric flue pre-heats the combustion air and increases efficiency by capturing all heat from the flue gases.
  • A balanced flue which has the incoming air in the outer section warms up from the flue gases leaving – with standard concentric fitting kits thermal bridging is minimised and heat losses are minimal compared to conventional twin wall flue stoves.
  • With the boiler version, 4kW can be directed to heat hot water and radiators (or underfloor via manifold). We have customers where the only source for heat and hot water is the Lundy 8 which is backed up by immersion (or ask us about our integration with mini heatpump for hot water).

Read more about Passive House on our blog post “When it’s ok to be Passive about the environment!

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