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The end of gas boilers. What are your options?

Last week, the Government declared a ‘future homes standard’ and announced that gas boilers will no longer be fitted into new homes built in the UK from 2025.  This authorised the end of fossil fuel heating systems and according to Chancellor Philip Hammond, is  focused on tackling the escalating climate crisis.

The announcement came after the Committee on Climate Change advised the Government that no new builds should be connected to the gas grid from 2025 ‘’at the latest’’. Roughly 14% of UK greenhouse gas emissions come from properties and last year the UK saw emissions from housing increase – caused by gas boilers in the main.  

In the latest Spring statement, the Chancellor said that new properties would be required to use alternative systems to help the UK reduce its carbon emissions. Finding appropriate de-carbonising domestic heating systems has been one of Britain’s greatest struggles but can help the UK meet its climate change targets.

A spokesman for the Home Builders Federation said ‘It must be ensured that alternative heat sources are suitably attractive, available and efficient before withdrawing existing options’.

So, what alternative heat source is there?

Our Lundy stoves, of course!

The Lundy 8 is a stove with a novel compact on-board high efficiency boiler design. This stove provides room heating through a large glass flame window plus it has connections for  a hot water cylinder or radiators – the ideal solution for heating your home!

This stove uses wood pellets, a sustainable and renewable fuel source made from timber residues. This source of fuel is much greener and more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels because there are no binders, chemicals or dangerous additives that could harm the environment. This type of fuel is also carbon neutral due to the trees absorbing CO2 as they grow. The wood from the tree is then turned into pellets which releases an equal amount of CO2 when burnt. The tree is then replanted and the cycle continues through the production of wood pellets.

Our Lundy 8 stove is an ideal alternative heating system to help the UK reduce its carbon emissions. If you would like to find out more about our Lundy 8 or to discuss how our stoves are a greener alternative to gas boilers, get in touch today. Contact us on 0330 111 4747 or email us at