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4 Useful Accessories for a Wood Burning Stove

Wood pellet stoves provide an efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. While the wood burning stove itself does most of the hard work, there are several useful accessories that can enhance your wood pellet stove experience. Here are four accessories worth considering for your new wood burning stove installation.

Cast Iron Baked Potato Cooker

A cast iron baked potato cooker is a simple but handy accessory for your wood stove. The device sits atop wood burning stoves and uses the heat to bake potatoes (or other root vegetables) to perfection. Models are available with one to four compartments to cook multiple potatoes at once. The cast iron evenly distributes the heat while trapping moisture for a tender interior and crispy skin. Enjoy a wholesome side dish without needing to fire up the conventional oven. The cooker can also be used to roast chestnuts or heat oven-safe dishes.

Ash Pan

As with any wood-burning appliance, ash accumulation is inevitable with a pellet stove. An ash pan offers a convenient way to clean out ashes without making a mess. The pan neatly collects the ash residue and typically attaches to the bottom of the firebox with a clip system. When full, simply detach the pan and dispose of the ashes after they’ve fully cooled. The pan ensures the hot ashes are contained, rather than needing to vacuum them or scoop them out by hand into a separate container. Just be sure to wait until the stove has completely cooled before removing the ash pan.


While not always required, adding a fan kit can improve the functionality of your pellet stove. The fan helps distribute warm air more evenly throughout the room. Quiet, energy-efficient fans work with the existing convection currents from the stove. With improved air circulation, you can expect fewer cold spots and more uniform heating. Fans are easy to install and maintain. Just be sure to get a fan specifically designed for wood burning stoves UK, as these are made to withstand high temperatures.

Cook Plate

Adding a cook plate opens up more cooking options on your wood pellet stove. These flat metal plates sit atop the stove and effectively turn the surface into a stovetop for cooking simple meals. Cook plates distribute heat evenly, allowing you to simmer soup, fry eggs, or boil water directly on your pellet stove. This provides off-grid cooking capability without the need for electricity or gas. Just be sure to use cookware rated for stove top use. The cook plate expands the functionality of your stove beyond just heating.

Accessorising your wood pellet stove can take the experience to the next level. From innovative cooking tools to pans and fans, these handy add-ons help you get the most out of your stove. Consider which accessories best match your needs and lifestyle. And be sure to follow all installation and operation instructions from the manufacturer. With the right accessories, and the best wood burning stove from Island Pellet Stoves, you can look forward to cosy, efficient heat all winter long.