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Once your order is placed, we’ll call you to finalise details and run through the design, delivery and commissioning process. Once you are happy, we will take a deposit

We will arrange delivery at a time to suit you or your installer. We can deliver on tail lift lorry to UK addresses. Final payment will be due at this stage


Once the stove is installed we arrange a date for your training session and then leave you to enjoy your new stove

Customer Reviews

Patrick TranterPatrick Tranter
18:05 24 May 24
All-round excellent! Having finally found a UK supplier of pellet stoves (they're very common in Europe, but not so here), we ordered ours before work had even started on our renovation. Marc took all our delays in his stride, but was ready to go as soon as we were. Installation was drama-free, and professionally done. The Ramsey stove is great - simple to use, quick to heat up the room, and remarkably mess-free. After 30+ years of wood-burners, and all the sawing, chopping, lighting, cleaning and sweeping that goes with them, this is definitely the way to go - the look, feel and heat of a wood-burner, but with none of the hard work! We love it!
David PerryDavid Perry
15:18 23 Apr 24
Our Lundy 5 pellet stove has now been installed for 7 weeks and we are completely satisfied with the quality and performance of the stove. The experience, guidance and installation by Island Stoves was exemplary and we would not hesitate to recommend this company.
Craig WanstallCraig Wanstall
19:21 27 Mar 24
Excellent service from Marc both pre and post installation. Very happy with our Ramsey stove, doing the job required perfectly.
Nicola DunnNicola Dunn
10:52 21 Mar 24
I have 2 of the Island Pellet Stoves, they are amazing i would definitely recommend. They are so easy to maintain, minimal cleaning and very cost efficient. My home has underfloor heating, we are electricity only so this can be quite expensive. The stoves are great at maintaining the room temp so as not to have high electricity usage. Plus the after service is exceptional! Thanks Marc
Jan PreeceJan Preece
13:33 18 Feb 24
Whole experience was seamless and exceptionally quick from initial enquiry to installation. Marc was really helpful with suggestions on fitting & the best places to obtain the wood pellets.For a new house this has been the easiest way to get a log burner and has changed our kitchen to a room that is v cold in the winter to one that can be enjoyed all year round. Thanks Marc & team! 🙂
A CarolloA Carollo
11:31 28 Jan 24
I have just had my Ramsey pellet stove installed a few days ago from Island pellet stove team. From the purchase to installation, Marc (the company owner) has kept in touch through the entire process in a professional and friendly manner, answering any of my queries. Coming from an italian Stove, I have to say, this is a premium stove. Very high quality material have been used to make the stove. The body of the stove is very sturdy, no flimsy steel, no smelly burning paint coming off the stove... even during the first use. It comes with a smart module on the side, where you can acces and manage a variety of features. The stove is nerly faultess, there is no forced ventilation (no bing noisy fan) as in most European pellet stoves, but it acts more like a convector. The heat is slowly released through the vents until the room/rooms temperature has been reached. Also it is very quiet,. Very happy with the stove, all my family love it. Easy to use, and very cheap to run.. easy to clean and service. I am able to heat up all the ground floor of my 3 bedroom end terraced house, which is failry insulated. Also the stove is able to wam up upstairs decently... just by leaving the door open in my lounge. You will not be left in the dark and worries. Mark will go through a training session once the stove has been installed... to explain how to use the stove. He is always very supportive and available any faults or problems should arise. Thank you so much for the stove.
Kim WoodsKim Woods
00:34 27 Jan 24
My island petite is a joy to use and I plumbed it into the underfloor heating , which works a treat. An extremely well engineered piece of kit. I can certainly recommend this stove, Kim Woods
Ian HegartyIan Hegarty
17:24 04 Jan 24
Had a Lundy5 stove installed in our drafty 200 year old stone cottage during Summer 2023. Just enjoyed a lovely warm Christmas not worrying about the gas and electric bills. Really well designed and as per the old creature comforts advert its 'easily turn off and onable'
Ian HendetsonIan Hendetson
09:21 14 Dec 23
We had been looking for a while for a pellet burner with a back boiler to replace our old 5kw multi fuel stove but generally they were too big for our hearth. The lundy 8 was small enough to fit without alterations, the back boiler keeps our heatpump running to a minimum which reduces running costs greatly with the current electricity prices. Daily operation is simple with the remote control ,no fuss, the lundy 8 will happily run for 12+ hours with good pellets before clearing the grate. After 12 years of logs and coal in our old multi burner the Lundy is a dream ! Marc was very helpful with installation and product instruction, i would thoroughly recommend Island Pellet Stoves .
Steve FisherSteve Fisher
09:29 04 Dec 23
After spending time in Sweden earlier this year in a cabin with a pellet stove we were totally sold on having one fitted in our living room fireplace instead of a traditional log burner. After much research we selected the Lundy 5 as it is an attractive stove, easy to use and the heat can be controlled from the user interface. We are so impressed with the stove, the engineering and quality of this product is outstanding. Marc was fantastic through the whole process and clearly is passionate and knowledgable on all the detail about his product. It is so easy to start/stop, it fires up quickly and makes a great feature in the room.
Denis FlavellDenis Flavell
17:12 22 Nov 23
We are very happy with our Lundy5 Pellet Stove and the service we received in installing it. It was quick very clean and efficient. The post installation training was very good and helpful. We would recommend Island Pellet Stoves to anyone.
Shehzad AhmadShehzad Ahmad
09:00 20 Nov 23
I was looking for a stove with ‘British’ country charm for my new home, something to add a warm and cosy feel on winter nights. I looked at log burners (a lot of my friends have them) but they were too messy and way too much work. I looked at European and American pellet burners but most lacked the charm I was after, and had very loud fans. I had nearly given up when I came across the Lundy 5 from Island Pellet Stoves. Designed and made in Wales by a company whose passion for their product is contagious. No loud fan, designed specifically to produce a beautiful cosy flame, it easily warms up my 30 square metre lounge and is so easy to use - it has a remote control for goodness sake. The training and aftercare is second to none. This is not a huge faceless company; you're buying from a team of people who care about their product and how happy you are with it. Give them a call - they're passionate, not pushy.
Don MartinDon Martin
15:14 08 Nov 23
We have owned our Lundy 5 stove for just over a year now. It has functioned flawlessly throughout that time. The installation only took half a day and we received ample instruction to get us up and running, ready for out first winter. The daily cleaning requirement is so simple that I get it done whilst the kettle is boiling for my morning coffee. The weekly and monthly cleaning requirements are equally simple and only take 5 and 15 mins respectively. I put this down to the simple and robust design of the Lundy stove. As we live in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands and I believe the most northerly installation to date, I elected to carry out the annual service myself. I received the required parts and a detailed instruction by Marc on how to carry out this procedure. It only took me a few hours to complete and is possible with anybody who has a little DIY knowhow, a good hoover and a few tools. It was quite often we had the stove running from 7am to 10pm daily and it kept the downstairs rooms comfortably warm. We spent about £400 on wood pellets which lasted the whole winter (Oct - Mar) and it easily saved that on gas for the central heating. I can definitely recommend ringing Island Pellet Stoves and Marc if you are considering installing a wood pellet stove.
Chrissy WoodmanChrissy Woodman
13:43 08 Nov 23
Just had a Lundy stove fitted and it’s fabulous. It’s completely changed my previously chilly lounge- diner making it warm and inviting 😀
Matt BartlettMatt Bartlett
21:21 07 Nov 23
We have just finished our 3rd A rated Eco-home new build, in the last 2 we have had a large open plan space 17' x 54' and installed 2 Island stoves, a Lundy 5 and a Lundy 8 one at each end.I was looking for an easy controlable attractive stove with a cosy looking flame and that could provide hot water heating to complement the air source on cold/dull days.I've had a small Italian pellet stove at home for a few years which is really easy to use but looks quite appliance like with a small flame and if you want a boiler then you are looking at big plant room material not a fireplace.These stoves are unique in the market and perfect for our properties. They are easy to use and maintain, if you put it on in the evening it quickly heats up the space and the flame looks cosy to sit around and the benefit is the in an hour or so it has heated a whole tank of hot water.The other thing which was great for the bungalows we've built was that they use a balanced flue, this meant that we needed less flue, they didn't need to be high above the roof and also they work well with an air tight house using heat recovery ventilation.All round they are a great bit of kit.Dealing with Marc and team has been really good, he knows his product inside and out and has been very helpful with guidance and info all the way through.We've been very happy with the stoves and the service. I'll be in touch when we're on the next one!Thanks Marc
Andrew Lloyd-JonesAndrew Lloyd-Jones
12:04 06 Nov 23
We chose Island Stoves for our pellet stove following a discussion with them regarding suitability, installation and effectiveness.We very much liked the British designed & manufactured element as well.We have had a Ramsey model installed and have to say that it has exceeded expectations. It is efficient, economical, very controllable and looks tremendous in situ.The installation process was painless and undertaken with a clear high level of expertise.The follow up training was both straightforward and useful and has left us with the comfort of knowing that we are very well supported.If you are thinking of having a pellet burner installed do talk to these guys. You wont be disappointed.
Dan MayorDan Mayor
22:09 01 Nov 23
After owning our Lundy 5 pellet burner for just over a year, we're COMPLETELY in love with it.We originally planned to install a standard (and much cheaper) wood burning stove, but because of our house construction (e.g. many steels within walls/ceilings, and an area of felted flat roof), this necessitated a very complex flue installation that would have to vent well above our roof - and we were concerned that this approach would be vulnerable to wind damage in the event of a storm (risking wider damage to our roof structure). What originally attracted us to the Lundy 5 was that, with the use of a balanced flue, we were able to go directly through the wall to the rear of the burner - just as is standard on gas boiler installations. This radically simplified the installation and completely removed the risk of wind-related damage to the flue/roof.Now that we've had the burner for 14 months, we really appreciate the other/main advantage of the Lundy 5 - not once have we found ourselves scratching around for kindling to get a fire started - it all works at the touch of a button, or can even start itself up at a predetermined time so that its warm by the time that you get out of bed or come home. A further advantage of the pellet burner is its economy - as soon as you switch it off, it stops feeding pellets and minimises wastage of fuel (there's also a delayed timer facility that allows you to programme the burner to switch off after a predetermined amount of time).There only real down side [to any pellet burner] is the need for electricity to make it work - and hence it can' t be used in the event of a power outage. However, this issue can be overcome by investing in a portable power station (battery) with an AC outlet (that produces a pure sine wave) - a market that has blossomed in recent years, and there now appear to be lots of suitable products available (many of which are 100% compatible with solar charging, such that it should be possible to run the burner completely off-grid). The other potential down side to the burner is that the fan makes a constant low-level hum when in use, and the falling pellets make a 'tinkling' sound as they hit the steel grid - but we have come to associate these sounds with the reassuring knowledge that the Lundy 5 is doing what it does best - keeping our house nice and warm!
Giles HeywoodGiles Heywood
16:59 19 Oct 23
Having lived with a larger more industrial style pellet heater in Spain and wanting a self-sufficient heating solution in the UK, I was delighted to find the Lundy and Marc's vision for a real fire effect, compliant with DEFRA. It's everything I hoped for, a few weeks in. They really go the extra mile also with installation, and it is a pleasure to deal with the inventor.
Matthew MurphyMatthew Murphy
14:26 19 Oct 23
Fantastic product, quick and efficiently installed.
Tara AbachiTara Abachi
10:30 18 Oct 23
I have just had a Ramsey pellet stove installed in my new extension and we have been really pleased with it. The service from the team and their professionalism and attention to detail has been superb. The stove itself makes the whole extension so warm and cozy and its stylish too. Would highly recommend using Island Stoves. Thank You.
Tony CurtisTony Curtis
09:56 10 Jul 23
A real review after two years using a Lundy 5 pellet stove made here in the UK by Island Pellet Stoves. I stress made in 🇬🇧 as recently I had send an item made in Germany back for repair. This took ages and ages just to get a normal response! Dealing with a Company based In Cardiff in this present climate of economics makes more sense once you get tied up in the post brexit mess.Anyway let’s talk about the stove! One of the best purchases I have made whilst doing my self build. Until I had the underfloor heating up and running via an ASHP, I relied solely on the Lundy 5 to heat my house. Now not everyone is going to have a super insulated 2500 square foot house but in this case the stove heated the whole house!!!! Even the last winter we had a week of minus Ten degrees, it made more sense to run the stove rather than an ASHP that was forever defrosting. Again one bag of pellets each day was enough to keep the house comfortable and cosy. Pellet price has gone up due to conflict but the price is now returning to what it was. Pellet biomass is here to stay and a vital part of a carbon neutral future.The Lundy 5 is easy to use. Not as easy as an electric heater but you do not get the ambiance of the real flame on an electric heater! The real live flame was a big decider for us but we didn’t want the mess of carrying logs through the house and lots of ash the other way. We also needed control over the heat output something a log burner wasn’t able to do in such a reactive way. We wanted to pop the stove on for a few hours in the evening just for the cozy feel and look. The Lundy 5 looks great in an old inglenook but would look equally at home in a modern home. Mind you, to make a home you need a fire….To summarise,If your looking at stoves, have a good look what’s on the market and then look at one of the range from Island Pellet Stoves. You will see how good it is and hopefully my review will help you realise what a great investment and addition to your life it is.Tony Curtis definitely not a bot 😃
10:17 20 Jun 23
Great customer service was provided by the island pellet stove team from the explanation, installation to the support. The stove is a centre piece of feature in my living room, loving it.
Dana DWDana DW
20:00 16 Jan 23
Our first pellet stove (Bulgarian make) bought from Modern Stoves turned out to be a disaster. It never worked properly, unreliable, not lighting up or smoking profusely when lit. We persevered for 18 months trying to get it to work until it eventually blew up - a cabin full of smoke and a fire extinguisher in action. Pretty scary experience!We turned to Marc (the founder) at Island Pellet Stoves initially to try to fix the faulty stove (before it blew up) as the manufacturers in Bulgaria and distributor in the UK were uninterested and provided no support after sale.Marc was helpful but with no detailed service manual it was impossible to fix.Our conclusion was that buying pellet stoves through a retail only outfit was risky. Increased interest in more environmentally sustainable heating solutions does not go hand in hand with availability of post sale support and access to engineers with the required level of knowledge needed to install these stoves correctly and ensure their safe working. We live on a houseboat which adds an extra level of complexity regarding installation as it’s far less ‘standard’.We learned the hard way and with a different approach we started looking for a new stove.After considering a few Italian options we went to Island Pellet Stoves and decided on the Lundy 8. This has turned out to be a very good choice.Lundy 8 works very reliably providing enough hot water to power our underfloor heating throughout the boat as well as keeping the main living area constantly warm. It’s very simple to operate, maintain and keep clean, and with the added options of digital display and timers it makes our boat warm and welcoming whenever needed - this is something very hard if not impossible to achieve on a houseboat.The stove also looks great! It has a very classic but sleek and modern wood burner stove look different to the others on the market and one that we much prefer. The flame looks very natural and the stove is quiet to operate too. Compared with a wood burning stove, it’s almost smoke free and clean, requiring probably less than a minute of daily cleaning and lights up by pressing a button.The installation was stress free and Marc was always available online to talk us through setting up, maintenance (not much required) and use of timers. We were initially a bit reluctant about the ‘no need for site visit’ approach and reassurance that most things can be done via video. With hindsight, it couldn’t have been better. Videos of the site gave Marc and Alex (who was brilliant installing the stove) a good idea of access and the installation was totally non problematic, quick, very clean and smooth. Video calls with Marc talking us through working of the stove gave us thorough and hands on experience of learning about the stove and really understanding it.After our awful experience with the Bulgarian stove we were very distrusting and questioning. Marc put us at ease with his knowledge and understanding of the product. The team in Wales designed, built and tested it so they know it inside out. He explained how they noted and understood the faults with Italian designs (and most other designs) of pellet stoves venting from the bottom, and how they overcame these ensuring that incidents of hot air build up do not happen.Safety, the ease of operation, simplicity and fault proof design of these stoves is important to them and they practice what they preach.Island is a great enterprise and it’s good to know that pellet stoves can be manufactured at home as well - and in this case better (!) - than anywhere in the world. Also, unlike Island’s competitors, the people that design, build and understand these stoves are within an easy reach to call for help and respond in the unlikely event of a problem.We have had the stove since 29th November, 6 weeks now. It saw us through one of the coldest winter spells in England without fault. The post installation care from Island Pellet Stoves has been exceptional.
Iain BouskillIain Bouskill
18:51 08 Jan 23
Replaced our old multi fuel boiler stove with Lundy 8 to heat our property to provide consistent and reliable central heating. Property has no mains gas and we did not want large gas or oil storage tank in our small garden and hence chose wood pellets.Stove is a classic design that fits perfectly with the aesthetics of our cottage and was easily installed to use existing 5” flue.We received excellent customer service during initial purchase and commissioning of the stove.After inconsistent heating using wood and coal over the last few years we now have a reliable, modern and environmentally friendly (compared to oil or gas) and very economical heating system that looks fantastic.Highly recommend Island Pellet Stoves as an alternative heating solution
Andrew WyattAndrew Wyatt
10:07 22 Nov 22
Very pleased with my Lundy5. High quality, rapid installation. Love the visible flame and radiant heat output. Simple to re-fuel and no mess. Balanced flue a winner. Bench accessory works well for a stove not installed in a fireplace. Running cost about 30% more than price-capped mains gas.
Stan GryStan Gry
19:01 20 Sep 22
Great little stove. We have Lundy 8 which also runs 4 x 1kw radiators. Easy routine maintenance each week and month. I can even sweep the 5 inch flue and service the stove annually myself without too much trouble. Heats sitting room, water and the radiators, which certainly keeps the winter chill off other rooms in the cottage. Marc Howells has been very helpful in the year since it was installed, no query too much trouble. If we have one criticism, it's a little noisier than expected....although it is a lot less work and provides a lot more heat throughout the cottage than the old multifuel stove, which only heated the sitting room and hot water!
15:30 01 Dec 21
We have had our stove for a year now and we love it to bits. It is beautifully engineered and runs all day on a single fill so is really low cost to run. It looks great in our old listed building fire place and most people think it is just a normal log burner until we explain what a brilliant bit of kit it is!
Julian MillarJulian Millar
10:21 20 May 21
I use a pellet stove to heat the kitchen and the hot water as I do not have mains gas. Before my Island stove I had a Lohberger pellet stove which was noisy and used a lot of pellets; however the main reason I switched to Island was the difficulty of getting the Lohberger serviced. I now have the Island Lund 8 which was installed just over 6 months ago, and I am extremely happy! It is quiet, attractive to look at and, with the special double flue that Marc recommended , much more efficient and economical than the Lohberger. Are there any downsides? One niggle is the small size of the flap where you fill the pellet reservoir; I use a long narrow 'hod' to fill the reservoir but even so I sometimes spill a few pellets when filling. It would be great if Marc and his team could make a funnel that could fit in the open flap that would help prevent the tendency to spill pellets when filling the stove. In addition, an essential accessory is a good ash vacuum cleaner; you do need to clean out the stove each morning, but this only takes a couple of minutes if you have a good ash vac. Other than that its all good: I love the flame showing through the glass door and the remote control that enables me to control the stove easily and adjust heating temperatures etc. Overall , I am delighted with the Lundy 8 and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering a pellet stove.
10:08 17 Feb 21
Having had a disappointing experience with a pellet stove in the past, I was anxious to get it right this time, but as soon as I spoke to Marc I knew I had found a company that I could trust, because they know their product inside out, they build it themselves, and they clearly believe in it. Every question I asked was answered quickly, and every email replied to promptlyOnce I had placed my order, Marc kept in touch with updates on progress, and on the appointed day his fitter turned up on time, and had the job done quickly and efficiently, and with next to no messBecause of lockdown Marc had to commission the stove over the phone. This was accomplished in a comprehensive, clear, easy to understand, and painless manner, meaning that-even I understood how it worked! Once lit, Marc called me to make sure that everything was working as it should, and rang again the following day just to be certain that I was happy with everythingI would highly recommend Island Stoves - their product is excellent quality, well made (in the UK too) and efficient, as well as being highly efficient and environmentally friendly
ian hancockian hancock
11:52 16 Feb 21
We recently purchased a Lundy 5 pellet stove to replace our villager wood burner. We were looking for a stove that would look similar to a wood burner in our inglenook fireplace without the mess of using wood and coal but would give a similar burning effect.We already have a wood pellet stove in our dining room so know the advantages of using pellets including efficiency cost control and cleanliness.Our Lundy 5 has been everything we expected including the reassurance that if we have any problems in the future we have excellent back up from Island Pellet Stoves who are based in Cardiff.
Richard FrostRichard Frost
13:00 31 Dec 20
Island Stoves have been brilliant to deal with and have assisted us right through from the planning stage, through to installation and commissioning.Prior to buying the stove, I had always had wood burners, but these are somewhat of a blunt instrument in comparison to the Island Stove. My friends who work in the wood burning industry were sure we would be disappointed, citing noise and a poor flame pattern. Neither has been an issue. How many wood burners can you program to come on at a specific time, this ensuring a warm room when we come downstairs? Awesome product and a great company
John WaddingtonJohn Waddington
09:17 14 Dec 20
This is a very impressive piece of kit. The quality of the design and engineering are absolutely first class and it looks and feels bulletproof. There are so many pleasing features such as the remote control, the touch screen, how it switches on and off, this is clearly a very well designed and made stove. The whole process from order to installation was very easy, we kept having to delay due to issues with our new extension and it was never a problem. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Michael DrewMichael Drew
15:03 03 Oct 20
We were due to have our stove fitted a week after lockdown, and we couldn't have it fitted until July but it was worth the wait. The fitting went really well, Marc spent time commissioning the stove so it ran at maximum efficiency. Now we've had it going on some cooler evenings and it give us a really cosy feeling, can't we can't wait for the colder days. The timer and remote control is a fantastic idea, we've got the comfort with the automation of a gas boilers and effect of a wood burner, with out having to keep putting logs on it. We're not getting any younger and it's so easy to use. Mike & Carol (9th September 2020)
Tom ConollyTom Conolly
13:09 13 Feb 20
Island Pellet Stoves assisted us with the installation of one of their pellet stoves, flue and prefabricated chimney stack for a temporary structure we built in the Swiss alps. The stove itself was excellent - great design and function. The level of service was also fantastic. I would have no issues recommending them, and I would now love to have one of their stoves in my house!
Steven CurtisSteven Curtis
19:51 18 Sep 19
Amazing service from the first call until the final commissioning - Marc really knows his product and is very enthusiastic about them too!We just love using our stove, it’s clean, easy to fill and really has a quality feel about it.It’s designed and manufactured in the UK, which is one of the things that first attracted us to Island Pellet Stoves (keeping it local).I would not hesitate to recommend Marc and Island Pellet Stoves - We have just about reached our one year anniversary and we’ve had trouble free fires since.Thanks again Marc, we are so pleased with it 😊Steven & Suzanne Curtis

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood pellet stoves burn compressed wood pellets to create a source of heat for residential spaces.They are fully automatic and operate under timer control to feed the fuel, ignite the pellets and control the air flow and temperatures to maintain the heating and hot water for your house.

Wood pellets are a renewable fuel made from virgin forestry residues (the parts of the tree that are too small to make timber products). To create wood pellets the bark is removed and the clean timber is chipped and dried to less than 10 percent moisture before being compressed in to small cylinder-shaped pellets of wood around 6mm diameter and 25mm long. There are no additives as the natural lignin in the wood provides the binding of the fibres to make a dense and consistent product.

Wood pellets contain no bark and therefore when they are efficiently burnt in an automatic pellet stove very little ash is produced – this means maintenance for chores such as ash removal is far less than a traditional log stove. Between each time you use our wood pellet stove all you need is the pull of a lever to remove ash from the grate before starting a new fire. Starting the fire is automatic so it is just a press of a button. It’s that simple! There is far less effort – no more crouching down to light the fire, no more regular ash emptying and no more getting up to refuel.

A 10 Kg bag of pellets will typically last between 1 and 3 days depending on whether your stove is running all day or just for a few hours per evening. Unlike log stoves, you certainly don’t have to get up and down during the course of an evening to refuel your stove. Wood pellets are filled into the hopper by pouring in through the open lid at the top of the stove. Pellets are fed from the hopper into the fire with a small screw auger so there is no need to open the stove door while the stove is alight.

Most imported European pellet stoves are designed for large open planned rooms with bottom exit flue, these are too tall to fit in a fireplace and do not have a flue that suits a chimney. The Lundy stove range is 650mm high and 620mm wide, so they fit into a standard fireplace opening. The flue exits the top just like a log stove so can be fitted to chimney flues. The Lundy stove does not have to be in a fireplace so it can also be free standing in a room.

Many pellet stoves use electrical fans to blow warm air into the room and yes these fans can be noisy. This is not what we wanted while relaxing in front of a fire so we spent much effort developing our Lundy stoves without convection fans. Novel heat exchanger designs and natural convection currents produce warm air in the room without noisy stoves. With the Lundy you’ll hear pellets softly ‘tinkle’ as they drop into the grate – other than that, operation is very quiet.

Pellets for use in a stove are best purchased in 10kg or 15kg bags. The bags are recyclable plastic bags which keep the pellets dry, however, to ensure that your wood pellets are kept in good burning condition, we suggest you store them in a cool and dry place like a garage or garden shed. Pellets are very dry so must be kept away from water and dampness as they will swell up and degrade if they get wet. Once the pellets are brought into the house you can store pellets in our pellet scuttle which allows storing and pouring into the hopper.

Log stoves are not suitable for passive houses as they are not fully sealed (you have to open the door to fill with logs and even if the main air is drawn from outside the stove is not sealed from the room). The other problem is that a passive house needs very little heat by its design and so a log stove is not controllable and will often overheat a property. However, the Lundy stove is built for a passive house; it is fully sealed when used with a concentric flue, it is thermostatically controlled and automatically modulates to very low outputs. We have developed passive house designs with our stoves so look out for our other publications on this subject.

A pellet stove is usually considered a room heater that heats air, however, a pellet stove with a boiler can provide both radiative heating to a room and also heat hot water. A pellet stove boiler which heats water can be installed to heat radiators and/or hot water cylinders. Our Lundy stove has been installed in many homes to provide the main heating and hot water system, this is achieved with our Lundy 8 boiler version which is connected to three or four radiators and a hot water tank.

Yes, we have the option of the balanced flue that can be installed horizontally through a wall without having to exit through the roof.

Our Lundy 5 and Lundy 8 pellet-fed wood burning stoves produce far fewer emissions than a traditional wood burning stove and are less harmful to the environment which results in a greener alternative to wood burning stoves/ovens. As an added bonus, our pellet fed wood burning stoves are designed with UK homes in mind, and won’t look out of place in your home – no better direct placement for your standard wood burning stove and log burner. Our stoves are designed to sit into a traditional fireplace arch the same way a traditional log stove does, rather than as a free standing cabinet design that other pellet stoves might use.

Our stoves are already Ecodesign compliant (and have been for a while now!) they are also CO2 neutral, meaning they are an environmentally friendly method of heating your home. Our Wood Burning Pellet Stoves are also Defra approved and HETAS approved to the highest degree.

HETAS support cleaner and safer choices for the use of biomass and other solid fuels, appliances and associated technologies. HETAS keeps a register of properly trained installers, suppliers and manufacturers of biomass stoves as well as stoves fueled by other sources, to ensure safety, quality and environmental standards for wood burning stoves. All of our stoves are HETAS approved.

Wood pellet stoves can be cost-effective in the long run. While the initial purchase and installation costs may be higher than other heating options, wood pellets are often more affordable than fossil fuels in the long term. Additionally, the efficient combustion of wood pellets can result in lower heating bills.

To determine the appropriate size of a wood pellet stove, you should consider the square footage of the area you want to heat. Factors such as insulation, ceiling height, and climate can also influence the stove’s sizing. Consulting with a professional or using an online sizing calculator can help you select the right stove for your needs.

Wood pellet stoves generally require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This includes cleaning the burn pot and ash pan, checking and cleaning the exhaust system, and inspecting the fans and motors. It is also important to have the stove professionally serviced annually to address any potential issues and ensure safe operation.

Dry WiperUsing a “Dry Wiper” product will clean the inside of the glass panel without smearing or scratching, and no need for rinsing.

No, our stoves are designed to use 6mm diameter pellets made to the EN Plus A1 quality standard. This fuel is readily available from domestic producers that belong to the UK Pellet Council. These pellets have consistent size, density, and moisture content, which promotes efficient and clean burning. Using low-quality or improper fuel can lead to poor performance, increased maintenance needs, and potential damage to the stove.

From a member of the UK Pellet Council, which is the trade association for UK producers of pellets made to the EN Plus quality standard. See link below for details:


Wood pellet stoves can be suitable for various homes, but certain factors should be considered. Adequate ventilation and a proper flue system are necessary for safe operation. Additionally, accessibility to a reliable source of wood pellets and space for pellet storage should be taken into account. Consulting with a professional can help determine if a wood pellet stove is suitable for your specific home.

Depending on your location, wood pellet stoves may be eligible for government incentives or grants aimed at promoting renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions. It is recommended to check with local authorities or energy agencies to determine if any incentives or grants are available in your area.

We offer an installation service for all projects located in England or Wales, for these projects we deal directly with our customers.

In Scotland, we work with a local specialist installer.

Depending on demand, we aim to dispatch our stoves as quickly as possible, but this is very dependent on the time of year. It can range from 2 weeks to 12 weeks !

All our stoves are packed in wooden crates with a suspension base so the stove is well protected.

Thank you for your interest. At this time we install our products anywhere in England or Wales.