Wales Declares Climate Emergency

Wales declares a Climate Emergency

Following the recent global demonstrations by Extinction Rebellion, Wales has declared a ‘climate emergency’ in a bid to urge politicians to take action on climate change.

Wales are demanding action as climate change threatens Wales’ health, economy, infrastructure and natural environment. The SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon also called for a similar declaration at her party’s conference, recently.

The recent protests in London, held by Extinction Rebellion, has led to more than 1,000 arrests. Whilst 200 activists participated in Cardiff; bringing traffic to a halt by cycling slowly through the city.

Rural affairs minister Ms Griffiths, speaking at a meeting recently had said : “I believe we have the determination and ingenuity in Wales to deliver a low carbon economy at the same time as making our society fairer and healthier.

“We hope that the declaration by Welsh Government today can help to trigger a wave of action at home and internationally. From our own communities, businesses and organisations to parliaments and governments around the world.”

The Welsh Government have taken on board the concerns of the people and are committed to assisting other parts of the economy to move away from fossil fuels.

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