Summer - Prepare your stove

How to prepare your Wood Pellet Stove for the Summer

With Summer on its way, longer days and warmer weather, it’s unlikely that your wood pellet stove will be used as much as it may have been recently.  And now is the time to think ahead!  In order for your stove to remain in pristine condition and ready for the Winter, it’s important to prepare your stove now.

  1. Switch it off

Firstly, turn off your stove and unplug it from the socket and wait for it to cool down completely. 

  • Remove the wood pellets

Remove all wood pellets from the hopper whether they’re burned or unburned. Wood pellets are made up of kiln-dried wood fibres which can absorb the smallest amount of moisture. If these pellets are left in over the summer, it could easily damage the pellet stove when you try to ue it again in the winter.

  • Get cleaning

When all of the wood pellets are removed – you’re ready to get cleaning!

Start by using a brush to sweep away ash buildup on the inner walls, heat exchanger and within all the nooks and crannies. For stubborn ash and residue, use a vacuum. This can be a normal vacuum cleaner or better still, an “ash vac” vacuum cleaner, and remove any visible ash. Getting rid of this ash will help your stove to run more efficiently and deliver more heat come winter.

Lastly, whilst our stoves have self-cleaning glass, if you notice any soot, simply wipe away with a damp tissue or soft cloth to reveal the clear glass. We recommend cleaning the glass regularly throughout the season to prevent any marks and build up.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to clean your pellet stove.

  • Book a service

After cleaning your stove, give your stove a final once over and check that all seems in place with the balanced flue, electrical wiring, ignitor and the auger motor, or contact us to arrange a service. As part of the service we will update the stove with the latest software, measure the stove efficiency and emissions and adjust settings as necessary to ensure it is in tip top condition for the coming winter. If you keep up a regular maintenance programme during the summer, you will find it much easier and your pellet stove will work better once the cold weather kicks in. However, if you are hesitant about accessing the inner workings of your stove, get in touch with Island Pellet Stoves today. We’re more than happy to provide guidance on how to prepare your stove for summer. Contact us via 0330 111 4747 or email us at

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