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Top 5 reasons why you should choose Biomass fuel

You may have heard of biomass, but do you know what it is?

Biomass is a renewable, low carbon fuel that is widely available across the UK. It is an organic material, derived from living organisms such as wood and waste, which is used as fuel to create energy. Its production and use has several environmental and social benefits, and in this blog we’ll highlight some of the reasons why we believe that you should choose biomass fuel.

Biomass is a renewable energy source

A key reason and the most obvious reason to choose biomass is because it is a renewable energy source.  This means that supply cannot be exhausted. Because biomass derives mainly from plants, as long as there are plants on the planet, biomass will be available as a renewable energy source.

Combating climate change

With climate change in mind, the world has been seeking an alternative, low-carbon source of energy and fuel. Biomass fuel offers a cleaner solution to reducing carbon emissions as it is carbon neutral. Whilst biomass does release certain levels of particulates into the atmosphere, biomass contributes far less than other fuels because it is a natural part of the carbon cycle, unlike oil and other fossil fuels.

A cleaner environment

With a growing population, waste can often build up and be left to fester in landfills. However, biomass can put this waste to use in production! In doing this, the negative effects to the environment of landfill sites may be significantly reduced, thus helping to preserve eco-systems. The reduction of waste can also have a further positive effect in that there is more room for humans to live in.


Biomass fuels are abundant. Much like water, this type of fuel can be found in practically every nook and cranny of the earth. This abundance means that there are no issues with availability, unlike the situation we have with fossil fuels.

The organic materials used to produce biomass are infinite, since we consistently produce waste such as wood, manure and garbage.

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