Bioenergy Industry

Calls for a world-leading bioenergy industry!

Biomass is a renewable, low carbon fuel that is widely available across the UK. It is an organic material, derived from living organisms such as wood, crops and waste, which is used as fuel to create energy. This type of renewable energy is already thriving in the UK, meeting 7.4% of the total energy needs. Its production and use has several environmental and social benefits.

The Committee on Climate Change projected bioenergy doubling, as a proportion of the UK primary energy supply by 2050.

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) recently released a report demonstrating how bioenergy has cut emissions and has boosted jobs in the green sector. The report is part of a wider REA review of bioenergy and mentions how bio-based fuel technologies are estimated to cut 19.7 million tonnes of CO2e per year, substituting £21 billion worth of fossil fuels and supporting more than 45,000 jobs throughout the UK. Whilst biomass does release certain levels of particulates into the atmosphere, this is far less than other fuels because it is a natural part of the carbon cycle, unlike oil and other fossil fuels.

Nina Skorupska, the Chief Executive of the REA said “We need to think carefully about how these sectors work together to get competitive, sustainable energy from our domestic and global bio-resource. This means securing existing bioenergy markets in the UK and addressing the widening policy gap to ensure skills and supply chains are maintained to deliver future growth.”

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